Find the Steve, Save the Universe

Aka, where will Steve be at PAX AUS this year, part 4 in an ongoing series!

4th, 5th and 6th of October I won’t be at PAX I’ll be running Relics at Phenomenon in Canberra

THURSDAY THE 10TH of OCTOBER from 4pm I’ll be at DevCon at the Boyd Community Hub in South Bank! This is the pre-eminent industry event in Australia and I recommend it most highly!

All Weekend

Relics Sessions will be running over the following sessions (ie continuously) in the RPG Area (table number to come)
11am-1pm, 1-3pm, 3-5pm, 5-7pm, 7-9pm, 9-11pm. (only the first three sessions on Sunday)

10am – 2pm I’ll be running demos of my new party game SNATCHPHRASE! at the Collaboratory area

12:30pm – 4pm Me or Teja will be working the TGDA Booth, promoting Relics! (Tabletop booths)

6:30pm – 7:30pm I’ll be joining Alex, Ben, Jill and Irma as we MAKE A GAME IN AN HOUR! Part three of an increasingly silly tradition! That’s in the Ibis Theatre



11am – 12pm I’m moderating a panel on the Return of the 3D Platformer in the Ibis Theatre

12:30pm – 4pm I’m back on the TGDA Booth promoting Relics and perhaps selling Baby Dragon Bedtime

Saturday evening there’s often award ceremonies going on so and other things but nothing’s been announced so honestly who the hell knows and why can’t people be organised and tell me stuff? I digress. I might just go out and do an escape room with my buddies.



10am-2pm I am once again running SNATCHPHRASE! at the Collaboratory. After 1pm it may be my lovely assistant Nick

1:30pm – 2:30pm I’m moderating a panel of unruly young RPG writers talking about Cyberpunk roleplaying and why it’s new and rad and hip with the kids.  That’s in the Kookaburra Theatre.

At 3:00pm-5:00pm and maybe a bit beyond I’ll be teaching the lovely folk in the Diversity Lounge how to make their own board game!

and then I run away and catch a late flight! Kapwing! He’s gone! Leaving only a single silver die in his wake…