Two Podcast Ideas

DHHk6l7XcAAqtPVAs they say in business, the best way to get money from people is to provide value beforehand. If you can do stuff that creates value, people feel they owe you for that as well as your shiny new game. So as I charge money for more stuff, I’m looking for more ways to provide value and shove my face and voice into everyone’s feed. The lovely folks at Boomer Radio Network are looking for nerd and nerd adjacent stuff from Australian podcasters. Here’s my two pitches. Both would aim to be about 20-25 minutes an episode, mostly just two people discussing things, with occasional guests, coming out every two weeks or so.

Chit/Bit/Crit: As more and more people enter gaming and more and more voices are out there reviewing gaming and developing a shared consciousness and language about gaming, we desperately need more voices in gamer criticism, in the sense of the word as used in literary criticism. Commentary that places gaming in a historical, political and cultural context and examines it from that point of view. Without doing reviews. As Oscar Wilde said, the purpose of the artist is to inform the critic, the purpose of the critic is to inform the audience. Lacking a critical voice is why so many bad games are being made and absorbed.

What I lack here is any grounding in computer gaming, so my cohost would need to be across that field (Chris Lee is one I’ve talked to about this, hi Chris!). Don’t have to be a computer game designer but you should be very literate in them.

Lancing With Myself: While most of the gaming industry remains a cottage industry where every game designer must also be their own publisher, freelancing is increasingly the way of the future in other fields. Art and design know the side hustle but there’s always more folks keen to learn about it in game dev in general. I’ve been a game dev freelancer for twenty years now and a lot of people ask for my info on the process, so there is much to share. Also we’d talk about financial practicalities and self-care tools.

What I lack here is someone across the art/graphic design field, which has a very different kind of tempo and culture than other areas. You don’t need to be too experienced though as that can make a nice contrast to my long experience.


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