Steve’s Travelling Timetable

I’m off to Brisbane and Melbourne at the end of October. This is a living document of all the places you can see me and things that I’m doing.

I’ll be in Brisbane from Tuesday the 17th to Sunday the 22nd. Wednesday is already spoken for, I’ll be playing some Dungeon World!

Thursday is board gaming! Woohoo!

Saturday the 21st we are playing Relics all day at Vault Games on Charlotte Street. I’m doing two long sessions during the day. After that there’s general playtesting awesome at Vault and then plans get hazy.  We might go to Netherworld but I also want more people to play Relics. Do you want to play Relics? Let me know!

Monday the 23rd I’ll be in Melbourne running the Game Design Crash Course at The Arcade where I teach you to make a board game in three hours. Tickets are still available but they are limited as we expect to sell out.

Wednesday the 25th I have plans with mein host, the delightful Ben Scerri.

Thursday the 26th from 4pm, I’ll be at DevCon, the mini convention for tabletop publishers and designers. Tickets still available for that, too.

Friday the 27th I’m running a panel at PAX where we attempt to make a board game in ONE hour. That’s at 1:30pm in the Kookaburra Theatre. It will be hilarious. And YOU get to contribute.Letsmake

RELICS GAMES will be running in the RPG Area at the following times:

Friday 11am-1pm
Friday 3pm-5pm
Saturday 3pm-5pm

Saturday 7pm-9pm
Sunday 1pm-3pm

And Friday night at 7pm I’ll be showing off all my RPGs and maybe my card game at the Meet the Designer area (we’re near the cafe).

I will also be helping out at the booth for Cravon Studios, publishers of Kiss My Ass and Troll Bridge! That’s Booth #TT310. I will maybe also be hovering at Booth #TT428 home of the Tabletop Game Designers of Australia and all their good work. There, you’ll be able to buy sample bags which include an exciting new single-page RPG by me! I have a completely different single-page RPG that I’ll be carrying around with me, and you can get one by finding me and saying “Hey, give me an RPG, you giantic wumpus!” or words to that effect. Collect the whole set! (AND if you say the secret password, you get a free PDF of one of my bigger RPGs. The password is revealed on twitter. Follow me at @tinstargames)

You need to tell me now if you want me to bring any print copies of my RPGs down to buy from me, because I’m already hauling a lot of games and demos.

I will also sign books, asses and breasts, naturally increasing their resale value.