Shadow of the Bundle

So for the last two years I’ve been playing, enjoying and working on products for Shadow of the Demon Lord. You can read my long review of it but that’s from a very critical standpoint. A description of it is that it scratches the same sort of itches of D&D but with the dark humour and simplicity of Warhammer, with fewer puns and more horror. So much horror.  Dark, grim, blood and shit stained horror dripping down the axe but you still have to lift it and kill the thing inside your wife…I’m sorry.

Right now you can get the game and a bunch of supplements on Bundle of Holding, with proceeds going to the Widlife Conversation Society. But despite these amazing games at such crazy low prices helping amazing charities support adorable critters, it gets BETTER.

Too good to be true? Read on.

While the Bundle is up, if you buy either the base or expanded level, AND also buy one of my products in the line, you get a bonus offer: I will design an NPC, cameo encounter or monster specifically for you and your game. You’ll have free reign to ask for whatever you want, and you’ll be the only person in the world with these rules.

You might like my expert adventure of fey folk, demons and desperate faith, The Flute of Farewell. Or you might like to know the terrible secret that hangs over the Freeholds of Nar, or what happens when you die and feel the Weight of the Underworld. Or explore the horribleness of dragons in Of Fire and Venom.

All you have to do is send me a copy of the confirmation email from Humble Bundle and from Schwalb Entertainment (or Drivethru RPG if you get your products there), and I’ll do the rest! Email them (and any questions) to

What will your final product look like? Here’s THE CUBE MAN.


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