Where I’ll Be At GX Australia 2017

I normally post one of these for most cons, because I am a winding sinuous serpent who hops from event to event to panel to game like a flitty floaty mixed metaphor, and I give prizes for finding me. But now, I have emerged from my butterfly anti-cocoon and become a caterpillar who stays still: for much of the con you will find me at booth 12 (near the Nintendo display), shilling the fine RPGs of Half Monster Games AND the fine RPGs of Tin Star Games.

We’ll be selling our brand new single-player Western story game, The Tin Star, in gorgeous sepia toned parchment pages for that old-westy feel. Plus copies of Daughters of Exile and Afraid of the Dark. We’ll also be demoing our card games we have in development and if you’re very lucky we might run some It Is Forbidden.

I will also be moving about though, so when I’m not at the booth I may be found at:


I’ll be at the booth all morning (unless we get a game going in the RPG area, ask the RPG devs if we can!)

At 1pm I hope to attending How To Break Into the Industry in the Development Panel Roomn

At 2pm I hope to scoot over to the Auditorium to hear about how games can actually change people’s minds for the better, something I’m very big on

At 4pm there’s a panel in the Development Panel Room on Mental Health Representation in Games which they said they needed a moderator for and I am waiting to hear back so I might be there.

At 5pm I’m running my panel on masculinity, which you can read more about here.


At 1pm in Development Panel Room there’s a talk on Queering Your Tabletop which is basically a sequel to our panel on inclusivity in table top games that we did at PAX last year. The question came up: how do you show queer identities when there’s not a lot of sexual preference in a board game? Time to answer that!

At 2pm I may hang around there to see the companion piece to yesterday’s 2pm talk: Using Games to Build Empathy.

Is there a theme building? Yes. Games can change minds, in a way no non-participatory art can. In keep with this theme, anyone who comes past the booth on the weekend can get our free game THE DAY THEY CAME, which is a parlour game about escaping from your country when the nazis take over. I mean, the space nazis. This is SF, of course. It’s not real. It couldn’t actually happen.

And of course, we’ll be officially announcing Relics, our big new RPG coming in 2019.

What’s it about?

It’s about time you came and found out…


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