Panel Ideas for GX

Very quick notes of panel ideas for GX. I’m moving house and then house sitting so low on time, so here’s my ideas, let me know if you want to panel up with me.


It Is Forbidden – It Is Forbidden is a unique story-making game of building cultures and taboos and watching them tear each other apart. You the audience will collaborate to build two unique fantasy cultures – and learn something about your own. (This could also be done in the game area)

Extra Mans – Masculinity, Toxic and Otherwise, And The Hypercompetitive Ideals of Game Culture

How To Succeed In the Tabletop RPG Industry Without Really Trying – making them, selling them, freelancing.

Narrative In Tabletop – The New Hotness. The Gone Homes of tabletop are emerging. Let’s talk about how we got there and where it’s going.

Diversity: Strategies, Action Plans and End Points. We know it matters, but what do we do as individuals?

The New Nerd – How has nerdiness changed since Tolkein wrote Lord of the Rings, and why does that matter?


Also, does GX have LARPs? I’ve been asked to run Sunset Claws again, but need a venue and the right crowd.


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