Starting Something at PAXAUS

Fun fact: I have a box in my garage full of stuff from GenCon 2002. I can’t throw any of it out because it was such a transformative and emotional experience for me and every business card and freebie and prize I got felt like a precious treasure.

Somewhere online is my emotional, poetic reaction to GenCon Oz in 2008 where I talk about how I felt like a fisherman who spends his whole life in a mountain village where nobody eats fish and then one day travels to an ocean nation where his profession is the highest calling. My discussion of what happened at that con is this enormous diary. Also, as you will see, extremely emotional.

PAX was something similar. It was an assault on my senses and invigorated me in every part of the six health categories – physically (walking exercise), mentally, emotionally, socially, societally and spiritually. I am now going to try to make my attendance regular. I want to talk about the panels, the exhibitions, the trends…I may get to them in time. But the most important thing that happened was this:

Ben Scerri and I were discussing that while the TGDA (Tabletop Game Designers Australia) was going great, providing a real tangible service and community for its many members (and an amazing booth concentrating and displaying those benefits), the RPG design community of Australia had stopped talking to each other somewhat, at least compared to where we were at Gen Con Oz. Then we decided to do something about it. With incredible speed Ben gathered a meeting of RPG designer souls and we decided that this was a problem and we should do something to fix it. We had a guerrilla panel on the carpet and set up the RGDA.
Right now all we have is a Google+ group and a wild agenda to

Reduce the atomisation of the Australian RPG design community so as to share knowledge and work together in the pursuit of greater artistic output and greater commercial success

If you’re an Aussie game designer who wants to be part of this, join the group or otherwise get in touch. The first link has been forged, the chain begins.


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