PAX AUS – Where I’ll Be

To find the Steve, seek out the Steve. I may do what I used to do at GenConOz and give prizes for those who do find me. But also, I have some big gaps in my schedule, so if you want to play something with me or if you want me to run/demo your game for others, then you know what to do. Otherwise in the big gaps I will be hanging around the tabletop areas, teaching people games and/or running my own games. These days I’m moving into the dev style of things so I’m going to panels to learn stuff and pimping stuff for others (this time).

UPDATE: If you find me and say the magic password – STEVE TRAIN – you get a MESSAGE badge for freeeee!

I will probably live tweet most of the panels I’m listening to, so stay tuned to my Twitter for hashtag fun. I really should be a journalist given it’s what I do anyway but PTGPTB is finished now.

If you want me to run something for you that I wrote, or buy a hard copy of a game that I wrote off me you need to TELL ME NOW so I can plan/bring one.

Thursday Night I will likely be at this event at the Melbourne Library  showing off some of Australia’s hottest new game designs for play.  Cancel that, I’ll probably be at the Tabletop Dev meet up, schmoozing. Oh who knows!


Morning – pretty much empty, I’ll be milling around going WOW at everything. Find me in the tabletop section or at a tabletop booth.

12:30-1:30pm A Panel about becoming an “influencer” which sounds interesting, at the Wombat theatre


3-4: Jobs in Video Games Panel for those who can’t draw or code – Gamespot Theatre

5 – 6: What would you tell yourself about getting into the gaming industry 5 years ago – Kookaburra Theatre

6:30 – 7:30 Creating safe gaming spaces, which the MESSAGE needs to know more about! – Kookaburra Theatre

7 – 9: Meeting tabletop game designers, maybe, and chatting with them. Not sure what this event is totally? – Tabletop Area.

9 – 10: Whose Panel Is It Anyway, Gamespot Theatre. Honing my improv comedy skills I hope.


10:30 – 11:30 Kickstarting Panel, Dropbear Theatre. Tips for the future, although I know this stuff pretty well I think. If anyone wants to game this morning again, buzz me.

12:30-1:30 Surviving Online Harassment Panel, Galah Theatre. Because as a man it’s my job to fix this problem.

2pm – 3pm: I am a guest on this panel about Diversity in Tabletop Gaming, Kookaburrah Theatre. Come hear my exciting stories about sexist jerks I’ve worked with… (not really). We’ll be taking it as read that diversity matters and looking at how to make it better, with real strategies we can take away.

3:30 – 4:30pm: The Great Debate: Will the Golden Age Bubble Burst? I’ve been thinking about this a lot in the last year as mainstream acceptance has changed gaming incredibly. I don’t get to debate but I’ll be listening intently. Kookaburra Theatre.

5pm – 6pm: My Friends Keep Leaving, how tabletop gaming is hard in an age of increasing social dislocation. Another topic close to me heart. Galah Theatre.

7:30 – 8:30 pm: Game Dev Explained With Sock Puppets. Because I need to learn more about how computer games are made. Gamespot Theatre.


10:30am – 11:30am The amazing Jimmy Reilly is running Starchildren, the first game I wrote for, on stage at the Dropbear Theatre, should be fun. Will be taking photos for Rich.

Then I’m pretty much free, so I’ll go back to skulking in the tabletop area and playing games. Again, if you need a body, ask me now. Like the journalism thing, I’m already going to be running around telling people how great games are and explaining why and teaching them to play, so somebody might as well be harnessing that for their gain.

UPDATE: The lovely people of Kingdom of Aer (makers of Kingmaker) have acquired the Steve Services. I also maybe hovering at Cosm Games’ booth. But you know, I’m open to offers.


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