Crowdfund My Heart

So I was planning on doing something funky with my new patreon account and the two RPGs I finished this year, but then I hit an unexpected bill that I have no chance of paying in the time frame that keeps it from being even more ludicrous. So while the patreoning continues, we’ve now moved to crowdfunding.

After just two days we’re over 20% which is great. So I’m going to up the ante: after the crowdfunding, the only way to get IT IS FORBIDDEN will be through physical copies directly from me. That’s right: you have exactly one month to get this game and then it’s gone. AFRAID OF THE DARK will be made available to patreon backers and buyers as normal. So what are these games?

IT IS FORBIDDEN is a setting-building game that owes much to similar works like Microscope and Kingdom, but instead of building a timeline or a world, the game builds a culture by creating taboos. The game can provide interesting races for your fantasy game, or be used as an educational resource in understanding cultural clashes in history or modern day. It can be played with anything from two to twenty players, so it’s excellent for educational purposes.

Players take the roles of powerful figures in clashing societies where everything they do is countermanded by invisible rules they don’t realise they’re breaking. This is because the players don’t know what they are, but also because that’s how culture works – the real rules are invisible. Until they are broken. And that’s when the trouble starts.

AFRAID OF THE DARK is a horror RPG about young children. Ever wondered, parents, why they won’t go to sleep? Why they need to get a glass of water? And then go to the toilet? And then get something they forgot? And then they sit up talking? And then complain they can’t sleep? They’re stalling. Because in the darkness of their bedrooms, a war is going on, for your souls and theirs. The Shadows are in there – and everywhere. And they want your heart crunched between their impossibly sharp teeth. And all you have is a onesie with a kangaroo on it, a stuffed banana and a geode you got when you went camping.

Good luck surviving the night.

The game is designed for one-off sessions with two to five players and one GM. It’s dark, violent and scary and full of little kids being eaten. You’re playing those kids. You might NOT get eaten. It’s not guaranteed. It is possible to survive. I’m just saying, it’s unlikely. Reader caution is advised.

Both are 30 pages long and will be coming to you in fancy shmancy PDFs. Hard copies may be available via POD at a later date.



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