Estalia Preview 2: Indigo Girls

I can now reveal the book will be called Swords of the South. In our last installment we had a little bit of fiction. This time, I wanted to include one of the very few but very beautiful pieces of art we were donated by the amazing Jon Shai, and the text that goes with:

Prior to the discovery of the amazing indigo plant, purple dye could only be manufactured from certain obscure mushrooms grown in goblin-infested caves, or from the gizzards of the giant sand-clam. Thus until recently (and still very much the case in the Empire), only the fabulously wealthy or highly titled could afford to wear the colour, and it was a clear sign of great power. With ships returning from Lustria stocked with the new purple flower, however, visitors to Estalia will be shocked and confused to see the colour everywhere.  It is particularly popular with young women, always keen to have the newest fashions and styles – and thus also no longer impressed by the traditional overtures of uncultured soldiers or untraveled sailors. This increasing class of more demanding women has been nicknamed “Indigo Girls” for their ubiquitous fashion choice.

Indigo Girl


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