My First Experience System, or God, My Players Sucked

I’ve spent much of this year going through old boxes, wherein I have hoarded basically everything I ever owned. Nowhere is this more true than with RPGs. I spent most of my high school and university time creating RPG characters, rules, adventures and back story, with some dysfunctional playing thrown in now and then. The list below is from my first attempt to make an experience system, listing the things you will LOSE experience for. It reads, of course, like a massive cry for help and a list of all the things constantly happening in my games which I didn’t like….

  • being dull
  • waiting for the DM to do something (this means saying their character waits for something to happen)
  • being really stupid
  • not planning ahead
  • bending the rules to suit them
  • arguing amongst themselves
  • missing obvious clues
  • being over-dramatic
  • ignoring chances to roleplay
  • not playing in character
  • courting death
  • endangering others
  • forgetting the setting (eg medieval environment)
  • wasting resources
  • wasting health spells
  • being overly violent or pugnacious
  • flaunting or misusing power
  • not helping the innocent or weak
  • being chicken
  • refusing danger
  • not playing in Alignment!! (two exclamation points on this)

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