Con Men

Grampa Asimov was always very handsy
Great uncle Lovecraft preferred the “master” race
Professor Tolkers was not fond of the swarthy
And Orson knows there are no gays in space.
Dave Sim, he fought the Christian menace
To crush Islam is Dawkins’ holy cause
Mr Miller hates all the smelly hippies
And all three agree that women are just whores

Our Adam has gone and conquered Hollywood
Mister Roosh has taught young men to woo
And Gamergate has brought the two together
Uniting to make sure feminism’s through
The Honeybadgers beaver in the kitchen
While the otaku and the puppies claim the den
To plan their next attack on social justice
And rescue geeky culture for white men

And the cosplayers are asking to be fondled
And the booth babes are asking to be scorned
And gaming must be art, but not political
As long as it is also soft-core porn
And sportsball must be mocked for being mainstream
And furries must be mocked for being weird
And noobies must be vetted at the drawbridge
While hipsters are all hated for their beards

And customers are owed the work of artists
And criticism is how we show we care
And threats of death and rape are just the culture
And we were bullied once, so all is fair
Appreciation is determined now in dollars
We’ll buy any piece of crap that’s badged as nerd
And our greatest calling card is we are different
And thus better, for we deplore the herd.

Something has gone badly wrong with nerdom

And we’re quite confused at how to be a male

We’ve defined ourselves as demographic niches

Politics has become a test of pass or fail

Social media can be terribly anti-social

But it also can let understanding thrive

If we drop the mic so we can sing together

We all might just get out of here alive


I promise, being hated, not to hate back

If you’ll help me get the boot from off my neck

And the stars can truly be our destination

If we learn from Ms Aretha ‘bout respect.


One thought on “Poetry

  1. Nice syntagma there, Steve : “And the… (do this)”…
    Now you need a music to support those rimes… All I could think of is the single “Changes” by David Bowie “And my time was runnin’ wild… And these children that you spit on
    As they try to change their worlds
    Are immune to your consultations
    They’re quite aware of what they’re goin’ through…” 🙂

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