Sudden Restatement of Purpose

Post it on your tumblrs, yeah?

I don’t really care that much what Ms Sarkeesian says or her critics say about what she says. The MESSAGE was set up because of what happened to Ms Sarkeesian after she said it. And what happened to Zoe Quinn. And what happened to Jennifer Helper. And what happened to Brianna Wu. And what happened to Sarah Darkmagic. And what happened to Leigh Alexander and what happened to Mattie Brice and what happened to Jenn Frank and what has happened to every single woman I’ve ever met who has ever played a board game or a card game or a roleplaying game or a computer game, at least once if not a thousand times. Men have been taught that gaming is theirs, and that boorishness is the default to anyone, and darkly sexualized savagery is the default response to women. And the MESSSAGE says, fuck that shit. Is that enough?