Warhammer: The Guide To Estalia – An Open Call


Alrighty, here’s how it is. About five years ago, when WFRP 2nd ed had ended and there was no sign of 3rd ed, a lot of clever, creative people pooled their efforts to create more sourcebooks for the game, as close as possible to the style of the existing ones, such as Realm of the Ice Queen and Knights of the Grail. The Tilea book, Spears of the Maiden, was finished in a timely fashion and can be found on the Liber Fanatica website. Hooray! Meanwhile, I took on the task of the Estalia book (tentatively titled Swords of The Lady), and it went less well. Most of the book was assembled, but – perhaps because I was determined to make it as vast and awesome as possible – it got stuck. Most of the writing was done, then some stuff happened in my life and my mental health, and since then it has always been somehow too large to go back and finish it.

What I should have done, long, long ago, was this: put out an open call for editors to come and finish the project.

The content is about 90% done. It needs a few last minute tweaks, but we have history, culture, law, religion all done, rules for new religious spells, extra fun chargen stuff (including the random beard table) and so on. We wanted to do some rules for fencing and ship-to-ship combat but they never appeared. (Alas, we had a lot of people promise to work on things and then just vanish without a word.) To be a proper book it needs maybe a few careers and a few monster stats, and it needs someone to hammer the rules chapters into a cohesive whole. Then it needs art (we have some already), city maps (unlikely?) and layout (we have contacts) whereupon the enormous PDF can be forwarded to the Liber Fanatica people for hosting.

This seems to me the best and fastest way to get all the wonderful material out there, doing justice to all the wonderful contributors, and providing fans with juicy stuff to read.

As I said it is mostly done but it needs a strong, experienced hand to guide it to completion. I don’t want to hand this over to someone who won’t do it justice. There is no money in it, either. Only glory.

But if you think you’ve got what it takes to make the Lady proud, you know where to find me.




6 thoughts on “Warhammer: The Guide To Estalia – An Open Call

  1. Hi, I did some of the stuff for the Estalia project (religion, politics and an ultra short short story/colour text). I’d still be willing to help out, though I’m rather busier these days. I think everything I did got submitted to you fully revised but I still have a lot of the stuff somewhere.

    All the best and I hope to see it published soon. It had some really good work in there from many different people – not least yourself, of course.


  2. Well, too bad… and I assume you have no plans to release material “as-is”. I’m about to run a series of scenario set in Estalia then in Lustria, and I was looking for more fleshed out background material… I’ll do with what’s available (Estalia Army book + some of your material (Intro/Chap1/2/4) I found roaming the net… Cheers.

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