RPGs and Wargames For Sale

Cut out the middle man and buy directly from me! Save $$$!

Shadowrun 2nd Edition Core Rulebook $10 + Dreamchipper adventure $5 + legendary adventure Super Tuesday adventure $10 or the whole thing for $20.

Warhammer 3rd edition. + Adventurer’s Vault Supplement + Creature’s Guide Supplement + The Gathering Storm Campaign. Adventurer’s Vault and Gathering Storm not in original exterior boxes but all pieces intact. Large bits written by me. Cost from FFG’s website: Over US$200 (probably A$300). My price to you: $50.

CJ Carella’s WitchCraft – the classic game of supernatural warfare that isn’t World of Darkness

Core book $15
Mystery Codex $10
Abomination Codex $10
Book of Hod $5

Job lot: $30 ONO

World of Darkness, Rebooted Edition (aka nWoD) core rulebook. Hardback. $15.

Changeling: the Dreaming 2nd Edition HEAPS OF STUFF! $150 the lot ONO. Or $10 for one book, $15 for two, $20 for three, $24 for four…

Core Book

Player’s Guide

Kithbook: Knockers

Nobles: The Shining Host (x2)

Dreams and Nightmares (x2)

Immortal Eyes: Court of All Kings

Immortal Eyes: Toybox

The Shadow Court

The Enchanted

The Autumn People

Freeholds, Hidden Glens (x2)

Book of Storyteller’s Secrets

Storyteller’s Screen

Noblesse Oblige: The Book of Houses

BOARD GAME: Tabula. Accurate recreation of Ancient Rome’s most popular board game, a precursor to backgammon. Great for game collectors. $10.

WARGAMES: Make me an offer.

Lord of the Rings Battle Game, Return of the King core rulebook + about 20 Gondorians + 20 Mordor Orcs + The entire Fellowship (Death of Boromir set) $20. Some painted, some a bit worse for wear (a few blades/spearheads missing etc).

Inquisitor Core Rulebook, Classic 40K large-scale minis game rules. $5

Massive stack of army books for 5th/6th/7th ed WFB: $5 each
Massive stack of White Dwarf magazines from last ten years: Free to whoever gets here first.

More to come as I sort. Is there anyone out there who is or who knows a young lad about to launch into Warhammer or minis gaming? Because I can help get him MASSIVELY set up, but I want it to go to be played, not shelved, dig?


7 thoughts on “RPGs and Wargames For Sale

  1. garrhhhhh. If Peter gets eaten by a Grue I will totally buy them instead 😛
    In the meantime I am will buy conspiracy x off you. 🙂 . Better throw in OctaNe as well-cause the title alone has sold me on it.

  2. Had some idea to pop around this weekend and give monies to you but the rain is preventing me from driving right now. (It just took the car out for a few mins “just popping out to get milk” it said. Havnt seen it for hours. Stupid selfish rain.)

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