Some Small World Ideas

Finally catching up to the Small World craze, here are my Race and Power ideas for critique:

Golems 9

When in Decline, other players may conquer regions your Golems occupy as if they were empty. This still counts as a battle for Orcs, Skeletons etc

This models Golems “shutting down” or breaking when they can’t work any more.  Close to the Power “Vanishing” from SW: Underground.

Priests 6 (15 in tray)

For every region your Priests hold at the start of their turn, you may take an extra Priest from the tray.

It’s like the Skeleton ability but you have to take and hold.  Maybe should be just 5 to start – but it does make you a target.

Unicorns 6

At the end of every other players’ turn while your Unicorns are active, they gain one additional coin if they did not attack or use their Race or Special Effect on your Unicorns.

Unicorns giving you a boon for being peaceful – to them.  A reverse of Peace-Loving.

Centaurs 7

Place the two Charge tokens in any two regions adjacent to regions your Centaurs occupy. Centaurs may charge through that region and attack the next, thus reaching regions they are not adjacent to. At the end of the turn, return the Charge tokens to your hand.

I’ve seen this on the net as Frogmen who can use this constantly, but that seems too powerful, especially since it duplicates the ability of the river-leaping Lizardmen and makes the Quarrelling power way too awesome.

Nimble 5

You may conquer any Swamp and Forest Regions with one less Race token than usual. A minimum of one token is still required.

A simple twist on Mounted, with the other two areas. Haven’t seen this one on the net but seems quite obvious!

Gangs Of 5

When you conquer a region, you require one less Race token for each Region adjacent to the target beyond the first that you occupy. For example if you target a region and you occupy three adjacent regions, you require two fewer tokens. A minimum of one token is still required.

This one IS on the net a lot, called Surrounding, Tactical, Flanking or Overrunning.

Defiant 5

At the end of any players’ turn in which your active Race had tokens returned to your hand, you may Redeploy these tokens as if in your Redeployment phase. You may only place tokens in regions you still own. You may never conquer new regions, gain new tokens fron the tray or use Race or Special powers during this step. If you own no regions at the end of the turn, skip this step.

I’d like there’d to be some way to retreat not into your hand, so you can do the Priestesses trick every turn, in a sense – bottle up on something you really value to stop losing it or block another player from taking it. This may be too weak.

Tax 3

At the end of your turn, gain one coin from each player who controls an active race that you did not attack this turn. Races in Decline never pay tax.

Like Thieving (from SW: Underworld) but you don’t have to be adjacent – but like Peace-Loving you can’t attack. Basically it is a variable Peace-Loving, which gives you +3 if you attack nobody. I also love the idea of having Tax Ogres, say.


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