Smallville Pantheon, Episode Five

Apologies for not posting this earlier….for the zero people who are following this game. Building towards a climax (ep 6 and 7 will be the two-parter season finale), episode five has another battle between Korak and Ix, but meanwhile Ix’s secrets begin to come out and Korak finds that people like him after all.


Prologue: We see Yeqawah come to visit Skoh. All smiles, but behind her back she carries a dagger…


PANTHEON: Series One, Episode Five: “Scars”

 Catching up with folk, we see the Master of the Pit, Ahenute, tending his fire. In the sky, Teyamaq leaves the moon to come and visit him.

Meanwhile Always, on her ox, finally arrives at the battle camp, hoping to stop Yeqawa from making a terrible mistake.

Korak on his throne finishes his brooding and decides there is only one solution to a brother who tried to kill him with an ixola: fuck his shit up and burn down his forest. He begins to summon his armies.

Smith raises his visor, sees the planning and scoodles off to warn Ankar.

Ix, meanwhile, after throwing the Ixola back in the pit, has gone back to the battle camp to check on Always, following the ox along as a dog. Always reaches the camp and Ix waits outside the tent as she barges in and explains everything to our two love birds – how they were part of an experiment by her and Korak and how Smith ruined everything.

Ix, seeing that everything is completely fine, goes back to his forest to work out how to make things up to Aristeia, and decides the best idea is to build a tree so tall it reaches the sky so she can come and go more easily. He leaves just before Always says something important he really needed to hear, but I forget what exactly.

Smith, meanwhile, knows Ankar can’t talk sense into Ix and wonders if anyone can. Perhaps his ex-wife Lika? He asks her to do so, and she leaves. Then, as a favour to his “buddy”, Smith unlocks Dorabus from his plough. The plan seems to be to turn Dorabus against Ix, perhaps? It’s wheels within wheels.

Meanwhile, Aristeia goes to see Anaheute who tells her he loves her. Aristeia is cranky about Ix and all the fighting, and is kind of angry about Anaheute bugging her about this. But she tells him she will think about it.

Meanwhile, Always is still bleeding from her terrible wounds so she commands her servant to kill her “if the sky is dark” (it would be a signal from Aristeia). When Inikaya tells Aristeia that Korak is marching on Ix, the sky DOES go dark, and Yeqawa sends Always back to the Endless Plain of the Gods. Stab!

Korak marches into the forest and begins burning everything. Ix allows Korak to find him but as usual, has no time for his brother’s silly games (he’s making a tree that will fix everything). Korak demands to be taken seriously, and for Ix to either fight or kneel. Ix tells him to Go Fuck Himself. Korak pulls his axe and Ix reminds him where he is standing. The ground itself opens up and Korak falls down a giant pit.

But before Ix can gloat, Aristeia shows up and tells him to knock it off. Always and Smith are close behind. Ix explains that this marching into the forest thing proves – as Ix said – that Korak wanted only obedience, and would take it however he could. The obvious solution, therefore, was to put Always in charge, since she had the rightful claim but was not nuts. To Ix’s horror, Always rejected the offer, and Smith and Aristeia agreed with her reasoning.

Ix told everyone that they could shove their pantheon and went away to sulk. Always carried bruised Korak back to the palace. Aristeia and Smith have a few moments together. Smith admits he may have been hasty about Korak – he might actually be the Lesser of Two Dicks in the long run. Aristeia asks Smith about mortals loving gods, and Smith says it happens all the time.

Back at the palace, Always tries to sooth Korak but it doesn’t work, he remains bitter. Meanwhile Lika finds Ix and chides him again. Ix is exhausted by this – he’ll take it from the others but not his little sister. He tells her to shut up and she says if he keeps going like this he’ll do something stupid and someone will get hurt, just like with their father. And Ix suddenly realises that LIKA KNOWS HIS SECRET.

Always leaves Korak sleeping but wants to make sure he remembers the important parts of being mortal and their growing affection. She calls forth Kiate, the goddess of Dreams and Memories, a strange child figure, and charges her to make sure Korak remembers what he needs to. (This establishes that in the world below, people see dreams as a place of memories, but not necessarily your own. Plus lots of other juicy stuff about culture.)

Korak does wake up to find Smith watching over him. Smith tells him his opinion of him has changed (challenging Smith’s relationship to Korak) and bucks him up. Aristeia also makes a decision and tells Anehute that if he proves worthy (as Smith did) she can see no impediment to them being together. Climbing up his enormous tree and finding the sky empty, Ix looks for Aristeia, sees her with Anehute and wonders what could possibly be going on. Has everyone abandoned him?

Always prepares herself for something important. Korak sleeps again, and dreams of his bride-to-be, as she wished it. And Smith? Smith is build a harness. A VERY SPECIAL HARNESS, with a very special purpose….


And the stinger…Yeqawa and Skoh make their peace…and then Yeqawa stabs Skoh in the stomach. And Anahute, seeing his love within his grasp, tells Teyamaq that the deal is struck. The plan is in motion.


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