Also Smallville

One of the hardest things about Smallville for the GMing style I use is that whenever it’s not Lead vs Lead, it’s Lead vs Feature so it can be very hard to jump right into a conflict with some random guy without doing the long-winded character prep. Which has plenty of its own rewards, and helps you see how best to shape them to be foils, but takes time and may make you tempted to make them take centre stage when that’s not their purpose. But eyeballing a difficultly level sans a Trouble pool increase is not written into the rules anywhere.

Luckily Old Steve The Amazing is here to help with that. Here is the Absolutely Unofficial Quick-Stat Guide To Any NPC a Lead may run into and needs to roll dice against.

Johnnie “Eyeball” McImprovised
Generic Feature – Homme Sous Le Avenue – Suddenly Spotlighted

This is the stuff I really want to do in the game, the stuff that gets me right into the action/story d10
This is a useful back-up if I get off my main focus d8
This is something I really hope you don’t bring into focus because I don’t care enough and you’ll stress me out for sure d4

I have a vendetta with/most care about Lead X d10/d8
I care a little about Lead Y and Z/the rest of the team d6

I can impact the story/world a lot or succeed easily when I’m doing this thing d8
(in fact, I am sometimes so busy being awesome at it, I might get a Plot Point)
I can also do this d6

If I’m around for a whole ep at least/more than one scene, I also have 2d8/2d6 Depth.


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