Inspiration is where you find it

As I said on Twitter yesterday, the My Little Ponies (Friendship is Magic versions) make excellent springboards for fantasy gods. Then today I remembered that my warforged monk in our Eberron D&D game has decided that no faith or order is for him, and he must therefore build his own. This is because, according to his fellow travellers, nobody can tell him what rules go in his brain any more, he must make his own rules. And also because I can’t imagine any pre-existing mortal kung-fu method would really adapt well to a body that feels no pain and has never experienced any kind of weariness.

Not sure how to piece it together, but I decided there would be some principles and some training exercises to go with them (performed ritually every night, because warforged don’t sleep). I remember my tweet about the ponies. So here are the Six Principles of the Untiring Way….(first draft)


The First Principle is Knowledge. A warrior must seek, study and understand. Its counter is Fear – the one who considers too much may become paralyzed or over-vigilant.


The Second Principle is Strength. A warrior must do what is needed, when it is needed. Its counter is Anger – one must also know when strength alone will not win the day.


The Third Principle is Speed. A warrior must strike first and strike quickest. Its counter is Foolishness – to leap into danger unprepared.


The Fourth Principle is Spontaneity. The warrior who is too rigid cannot adapt. Its counter is Distraction – to fail to master one thing for trying to master all.


The Fifth Principle is Stillness. The warrior is the stone in the river, and all turmoil rushes past. Its counter is Hesitation – the one who waits too long is lost.


The Sixth Principle is Purity. The warrior seeks perfection in all things. Its counter is Obsession – to see only the fist, and not what it can do.


Favored Weapon: The fist and the foot. A warforged is a weapon; anything else is a distraction.

Style: Fast and furious. Needing no rest, the follower of the Untiring Path is always ready to burst into speed, charge the enemy, and surprise him before he can even draw his weapon.


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