A Really Stupid Idea, Part 2

Because more is always better. Or is that worse? Trying to do at least five a day as we push through the always dangerous third quarter…


11 thoughts on “A Really Stupid Idea, Part 2

  1. 50: House Rules
    Tired of being ignored by his teachers, his parents and his older siblings, a twelve year old boy runs for election as his state Rep – and wins, meaning he can now legally declare homework unconstitutional.
    49: My Fake Family
    An adopted girl discovers her new siblings are all androids built by her genius new father, but decides her experience at being an outcast can help teach her new family how to pretend to be normal and pass for human – it’s like Small Wonder, but played seriously and wry.
    48: Captain Eternal
    Feeling his age, a fifty-something life-long comic writer retires and joins the volunteer fire-brigade and tries to make peace with his ex-wife, all the while dealing with the fact that his long-running character is still in his head, and appears constantly to offer him advice.
    47: Burning Men
    Four divorced female artists join a woman’s only artists’ colony in the desert after meeting at the Burning Man festival, and ponder a life after marriage and a world without men.
    46: The Camp
    The doctors, soldiers, nurses, care-workers, journalists and profiteers, and the families they help, work with and live amongst in the world’s largest refugee camp in Pakistan. (oh its a laugh riot!)

  2. 45: The Inheritors
    It is the apocalypse; the good go to heaven, the evil to hell, while those not yet ready to be judged are left on earth to learn more – but they are not alone. The angels who fell to earth can never return to heaven, and now they have an empty world to build anew – or destroy in rage.
    44: A Parliament of Rooks
    A multi-generational epic tale of two families of politicians, soldiers and scientists on either side of the religious wars that tore England apart in the early 17th century, which led to the ultimate betrayal: regicide.
    43: Deep Down (another Campaign Toybox lift)
    It was supposed to be just an experiment, to prepare us for life in space, but when the apocalypse hit, the underwater arcology suddenly had a massive influx of population, far more than they could ever feed for long, without help from the surface – but then help came from a sentient species we never knew existed.
    42: Phoning It In
    A group of hermitted, reclusive bloggers are forced to suddenly deal with interpersonal space when their eccentric new employer unites them to produce a Huffington-Post-esque news site, and insists they all work together in his palatial apartment.
    41: Backtrack
    When a young man tracks down his father’s dead-beat, absent father, he finds the old man riddled with regret and memory loss, so decides to take him on a tour of America, retracing his entire meandering life – in reverse.

  3. Goddamn this is getting hard. Almost 2/3 of the way…

    40: Double Bill
    A corrupt Treasury Agent is sent to Deadwood to recruit Wild Bill Hickock into the Pinkertons, but when he finds out the man is dead, he instead recruits a trick-shooter from a circus who has never shot a man in his life to impersonate the gunslinger and help him spread law and order across the northern plains.
    39: Red River
    Keeping the Western theme: a Spanish Brujah, a vengeful Native American brave and the undead Jim Bowie team up to right wrongs and fight demons across the south west during the Spanish-American war.
    38: The Future
    Our teenaged heroine is tired of everyone telling her to make plans for a future many years away, so is relieved when her android associate from 30 years hence shows up to tell her if she doesn’t start inventing super-science and using it to blast a better world, she won’t have a future to enjoy.
    37: The Colony
    A re-telling of Australian colonial history, only this time – thanks to the power of steampunk ethereal rocketsleds, Victoria’s Britain has a much better place to put her convicts than Australia – they put them on the surface of Mars.

  4. 36: Hell on Wheels
    When her husband dies young and the funeral bills wipe out her mortgage, a blue-collar mother sells up and converts her husband package-delivery truck into a package-delivery RV so she can run her business and raise her kids at the same time.
    35: The Pack
    When a dedicated animal welfare officer rescues a group of puppies from a puppy farm exposed to a scientific macguffin, he discovers each pup has a super power, and trains them to help him right wrongs against animals and people alike.
    34: Ad Astra
    It’s a near-future Dallas when in order for the US to afford a vital space elevator they open it up for private concerns, and the highest bidder declares the gigantic structure a sovereign nation with its own laws, population – and crime.
    33: Agean Blue
    The scene is a cruise ship around the Greek Islands, but the Greek Islands of Ancient Greece, and the cruise ship is where the biggest names and wealthiest merchants gather, making it a perfect place to play politics and control the voters of Athens in a more subtle fashion, when the wine and the orgies cover up the backstabbing and blackmail…
    32: Hellfire
    It’s like Las Vegas (the show) meets Smallville, as we re-imagine the Marvel universe on the small screen, and put the focus on running the only club in town that opens its doors to the new metahumans among us – and all the problems running such an establishment can encounter.
    31: Pandora
    A ruthless, self-obsessed businesswoman cuts corners, breaks laws and makes deals with every devil she can find in her attempt to ensure her medical science business cracks the code for the ultimate panacea (and thus make millions) and ends up releasing a virus which kills millions and turns almost as many into monsters; five years later she recruits a group of specialists to help right her terrible wrong.

  5. Dammit! Slowing down! HARD!

    30: Your Mother Wears Army Boots
    A hard-hitting drama about a female major and the woman under her command, serving in the ranks of the US Army, at home and at war, in an army where the dangers don’t only come from the enemy, and your fellow soldiers will only let you be one of two things: a bitch or a whore.
    29: Changelings
    A street-wise cops who works missing kid cases (ie he wanders around the rough end of town trying to get homeless kids to trust him enough to tell if they’ve seen someone) finds himself partnered with an effete technophile who reveals he’s in fact an elf, one of a faction trying to stop the other faction from their ever-growing child-stealing ways, a job for which he desperately needs the cop’s help.
    28: Irregulars
    A group of homeless kids find their social invisibility makes them well-poised to solve crimes and spy on people (as does having a real-life genius among their ranks) and decide to make money as private investigators, but needing a front, they break into and use the apartment of a retired reclusive eccentric – who then insists on coming along for the fun.
    27: Lost and Found
    An obsessive-compulsive psychometrist who hates her gift finally finds a use for it when she moves in to a store above an antiquarian-cum-junk-shop-owner and the two decide to combine their skills to return items to the people who lost them, and fill up the holes in people’s lives as they do.
    26: Wreckers
    It’s like Bones but with cars when a genius automechanic, an expert on mathematical models and hell, probably a psychometrist as well help a detective solve cases that end in fiery auto wrecks. Damn, getting bitter. More beer for my brainmeats.

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