Also, Build Your Own Toybox

Also, my toybox for November contains shocking information! Not only do I give the whole game away by telling you how to create settings and games, I also announce my retirement. I figure if I have a few less things to write each month I can maybe finish one of the three hundred rpgs I’m writing.


4 thoughts on “Also, Build Your Own Toybox

  1. Toybox : Excellent recipe to build settings, Steve 🙂
    300 RPGs : You have an interesting issue about organization. 🙂 Apparently, you seem to have too many ideas. When you have restrictions (such as “write a RPG with these themes”), or a sourcebook to write for an editor, your creativity is channeled; but when you have no boundaries, I guess your ideas overflows like an overfed swamp 🙂
    Isn’t time to auto-focus (focus yourself ;))?

    Only with time shall the good ideas settle. So maybe you could take the 3 best ideas that still run in your mind after many years, and create 3 RPGs? (why 3? – so when you’re getting bored with one project, you switch to one of the other two :))

    And then, but only when you feel you need a recreation, write a new toybox 😉 having to submit to a schedule when you’re the only one is far too demanding.

    Thanks and again, happy birthday to you. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I’m actually stopping the columns and the reviews for exactly that purpose – I’ve had too many RPGs unfinished for too long. Of course, I immediately also started doing a “add-an-item-a-day” setting creation project, here:

  3. Funkadia.
    Your Toybox #47 in motion, through a Lexikon with yourself 🙂
    The story (before I read “What The Hell Is This?”) : Blaxploitation meets Feng Shui meets Marvel 🙂
    Style and Structure : “You may even want to pick your style first, then work backwards to justify it”
    PCs and NPCs: not clear yet. I’d like some pictures. And actions they did 🙂
    Plots and Villains: we have a wide range here (megacorps, gov, sect, mob, time cops… do not embrace too much! 🙂 )
    RPGs: this evokes vaguely Starchildren (rare, you probably do not know)
    Sources : see below
    “reminded of the last time people power shook the world and made a difference”: I beg to differ here 🙂 Unless music trends and cultural-only happenings change the world, I feel the last time people took power in the US was during the Civil rights movement, and the anti-Vietnam War, who culminated between 1967 (flower vs guns!) and 1971. IMHO, funk, etc. made more difference in the consumption department than in the political. So history provides references, events, plot hooks, background, … if you follow my suggestion to extend the period a little into the end of the 1960s ! 😀

    • The Civil Rights movement was a beginning but I think the end of the Vietnam War (73) and the Watergate scandal (75) carried people power well into the seventies, and brought with it the effects of the changes to policy and mindset. The seeds of the Awakening began in the sixties, but the true Awakening wasn’t until ’73.

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