Smallville: Leviathan

Napoleonics with an alien twist and a Smallville lens

Not all the Leads have stats because some people took their character sheets home, the saucy devils! For the record, this chargen stopped after four steps because things were already confused enough and we were running out of time…



4 thoughts on “Smallville: Leviathan

  1. Really loved the write up, and the picture selection. It would have been nice to have played that game a bit further, something tells me that game is supposed to be played over multiple sessions.

  2. Er, I feel a little break in the suspension of disbelief, as I’d like to point out that :
    – The Canaries were always Spanish, and then the islands are close to one another, so no “secluded British settlement” there (too much watching The Prisoner’s episode “many happy returns”, I presume” ;)) and also never “the island when it was in French hands”
    – May be you meant the Balearic Islands? Minorca was occupied by the British between 1708 and 1783, and then Spain with a little French presence (but never an occupation), then British between 1798 and 1802, then Spain. It’s only 852 km away as the crow flies. πŸ™‚
    – Why would the British bother to tow a wreck so far away, and risk to loose it? Let me make some suggestions :
    *a few leagues away from Trafalgar : the fortified port and stronghold of Gibraltar πŸ™‚ Garrison: 6000 in 1805 and increasing. Multi-racial and nest of spies, this could be a “West-Berlin” πŸ™‚
    *all right, they want to put some distance between the Spanish and the spoil of war (this should rule out the Spanish Canaries…) . I then suggest some remote place in Ireland (easy), empty of life except the sheep (you got it). that’s 1700 km between the two, to yours 1300 km to the Canaries πŸ™‚
    *nearer then, and in allied hands: Madeira (1060 km from Cadiz) πŸ™‚

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