It’s not just an RPG that fits on a business card…


…it’s a GREAT RPG that fits on a business card. By the always goddamn fricking brilliant James Wallis. I like the way it understands pacing and plot. I’ve always been a fan of “procedures”, as Ghostbusters called them, where the plot beats are hardwired into the game mechanics, and this does this beautifully.

As the man says, it’s pretty free-form, but what isn’t these days?  And it’s short, too, which we really need more of. I mean short to play AND short to read. Short is good if only because it’s easier to sell (in every sense).

Only problem is, I have no way to get business cards apart from stealing them from that big jar at Subways. As always, gaming has driven me to crime.



3 thoughts on “It’s not just an RPG that fits on a business card…

  1. If you like the hardwired beats in HERE ON BUSINESS then I should hurry up and finish COP SHOW which I think is the most elegant mechanics I’ve ever designed on the subject. Jonny Nexus wrote a big piece on COP SHOW in the latest CRITICAL MISS including a description of how the action-point system lays out the beat-sheet for each session of the game, and I’ve been noodling with the manuscript over the last few weeks before sending it to a potential publisher.

    I’ll get on with it, then.

  2. Oh Christ. It’s GLORIOUS. I love love love cop shows, and bad cop shows more. I would watch the shit out of Norfolk Broads.

    If you find other stuff in the medium inspiring, I thought Trial and Terror:SVU got some of the way there too. It was fun the way that if you aced the cop section, you have trouble with the lawyer section, or vice versa. And it understood somewhat the importance of obedience to structure rules.

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