It’s a Game You Build Yourself

In yet another attempt to make Risk actually likeable, Hasbro has actually done something interesting. The new version of Risk is customizable, and changes over time. You not only get to name cities, determine faction abilities (by choosing from stickers and applying the stickers to the faction) and high value territories at the start, but as wins and losses accrue you open sealed bags in the box set for new rules and cards – with new rules being stuck down in appropriate sections in the rulebook.

There’s also nice thematics here: the world in question is an empty alternate earth, waiting to be named, and if you blow up a city enough, it stops being fortified, and so forth. In the end, your game reflects past plays with your group, which is fun. It’s still Risk, but it’s a good idea and I hope we’ll see more ideas building on this. Full rules (minus sealed rules) here.


2 thoughts on “It’s a Game You Build Yourself

  1. Isn’t it kind of like Hasbro throwing up their hands and saying, “We have no idea how to make Risk not suck, you try!”?

  2. Nah, they give you heaps of rules, and each time you pick one and stick it where you like. So it’s not like they’re asking you to do actual design, but I guess this way they can say that if it becomes unbalanced, it’s all your fault!

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