What I’m Doing At AusCon

So AusCon – or rather the roleplaying edition thereof, or rather the roleplaying plus cosplay plus burlesque plus console gaming plus orktoberfest plus boardgames event thingy – is now coming upon us quickly, ie the 1st and 2nd of October, or in about a month. Naturally you want to fill your weekend with the most amount of Steve possible, so here’s what I’ll be doing:

SATURDAY 1st of Oct

9-10am: Seminar: Taking the Plunge! If you’ve always (or almost always) been a player and are timid of GMing, this will help push you over the egde into the deep, yawning chasm of awesome.

10-11am: Seminar: Televisual Roleplaying. What can gamers learn from television? Everything. Come and find out how.

11am-1pm: Seminar: Tipping Point. Got ideas but never get them out the door? This seminar talks to various game writers and publishers about the line between enthused amateur and published designer, and how to cross that line.

2pm-6pm: Event: This is some kind of GMing competition called Legend of AusCon. I’m sure it will be interesting. I think I’ll just secretly bring candy and bribe my players to vote for me.

6pm-Throwing Out Time: I’ll be near the board games acting as an AusCon Gamer Guide, ie teaching people how to play everything and anything. Or just playing stuff. Heck, if bribed I might even GM something.

SUNDAY 2nd of Oct

9am-1pm: Event: Three Hours to Midnight. Can we design an RPG from nothing to finished in three hours, with a small break for tea? Probably not. But it will be fun either way.

2pm-6pm Roleplaying: I’ll be running Smallville, with once again generating setting from scratch and using the awesome pathway sketching chargen system.  Forget the TV show, this has nothing to do with it.


And as always, the WHERE IN THE CON IS STEVE D? competition will be in effect. If you

  • Find me, some time during the con and
  • Are holding a copy of something I wrote (printed PDFs are fine!) and
  • Ask me to sign it and
  • Have traveled from outside Brisbane to get to the con OR have never laid eyes on my before (or both) and
  • Shout “Found You!” then…

…you win a free copy of something! Maybe a game book or a card game or something. Prizes will depend on what I find in my cupboard. First come first served although I’ll try to have at least one prize per day for those who can only come one day.

More news as it happens.



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