A Very Long Discussion of Daughters of Exile

Ms Tam’s excellent Actual Play has inspired Regis to email me his deep ponderings on the setting, and I could do no less than put my ponderings alongside, and post them back – here, for all to see. We go into the subtler questions of what the Daughters actually are and what they can actually do, and why we might come to such conclusions.

It’s quite long so I’ve attached it as a pdf rather than post all the text here. Read on, if you have the stomach for such trifles!


2 thoughts on “A Very Long Discussion of Daughters of Exile

  1. Oh wauw. Interesting.

    Escape from the dollhouse just led to another male-dominated House (the doctor’s). Escape from the doctor’s House (while shopping) led to a (male-dominated, duh) social worker House. There, Brother Romeo came to fetch the escapees to go back Home to Father.

    … which worked up until his brains splattered all over the hovercar window and Diana & Helen came to carry the escapees away to a matriarchy dominated by Diana (the liberated “daughter”). Leaving Tâm wondering (I guess, I’ll have to ask for another actual play doc) what was better, a male world or a female one.

    Leading to The Brothers entering the house again, and this entire prologue dissolving into what I was actually going for: a flashback in the mind of Veronica, now settled as the wife of Henri and mother of two, remembering an existence without flaws from the day she woke in Father’s House until this day as a married woman … and also remembering the few days of “freedom” without male dominance, the days of cruelty&courtesy…

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