Game Chef 2011 – Better Than Winning


We didn’t win, but then again, given that

– I was probably one of the few people for whom entering the contest placed me at a high risk of suicide and so literally had to balance my health against continuing

– I only had about three days to work on it because of work

– The day before I wasn’t even sure I would finish

– It was my first year

I was still

– A finalist, one of six in 66

– One of only two games that got 4 out of 4 recommendations from reviewers

– I have already had a fan submit a written adventure

– I have already had somebody start playing with their group

– I have already got some great feedback, including this incredible actual play, which is the most anyone’s ever said about any of my work

– I learnt a lot about design and how I design

So I’d call it a win. Tomorrow: I’ll go through the feedback of Jonathon and his dad.


2 thoughts on “Game Chef 2011 – Better Than Winning

  1. I think you can be proud of :
    – being in the final tenth. This is very difficult. Everyone ever entering a competitive exam knows how hard it is to end in the top 10% 🙂
    – having a score of 4/4 is also great, given than the examiner’s job is to find flaws in a game 🙂

    The fact that you designed it in three days is a tribute to your experience as a sourcebook writer. 🙂
    The appropriation by the gamers due to you intuition, it’s originality (but not too much), and the fact that it is short and not too detailed, it’s easy to go read and readers can fill the holes. The same has happened, I suppose, to your campaign toyboxes! 🙂
    Congrats! Yes you win

  2. Hey mate,

    Tâm tells me she had hoped for some “feedback-on-the-feedback” (beyond incredible, which I admit she is). Whether this was what you expected to see, themes, further conversation topics, …

    We haven’t played a session since #3, but normally on friday we should brave the DoE world once more :).

    – Kris

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