Game Chef 2011 Diary Day Five: 3K Words Is A Joke

The good thing about finding out what you’re bad at is sometimes you find out through comparison. To wit: while I was designing and writing mechanics, it came out in slow, agonised spurts, cut with a constant need for distractions, a throb of disinterest and a backstep of doubt under each word. The moment I finished the rules and went back to explaining the setting, it came like hot butter on a volcano-hot laser-focused samurai sword. Which is nice.

So it’s pretty much done now, but no matter how I squeezed and curtailed the setting info, it’s still 200 words over.  Now, I appreciate a low word limit. It stops things getting out of hand. It ensure people focus on quality not quantity and don’t kill themselves trying to do too much. It makes judging MUCH easier. But 3K is REALLY short. Maybe 5K next time? Cos then I might have been able to write an adventure, and expand the GMing notes and so forth. Fit in some examples of play.

So it’s bare bones and it still needs some whittling on the setting, but like I said, it’s pretty much done. I’ll send it off tomorrow.

I’m pretty happy with the joke about the guy pursuing the Daughters being called AlfredBear. I expect nobody will get it though. Nobody ever gets my jokes.



3 thoughts on “Game Chef 2011 Diary Day Five: 3K Words Is A Joke

  1. Well done Steve. Is it against the rules to have someone proofread your work? It has to be a lone man’s experience? 🙂

  2. collaboration is ok. But only one game per particitant/group. So a
    s long as your proof readers are not otherwise involved you’ll be fine.

    Also, supplementary materials donlt count IIRC, put your adventure in a separate pdf for those who want to play it. But the judges wonlt have to read it.

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