Game Chef 2011 Diary Day Three: Eating Glass

“I love writing, but I hate the blank page.”

– Aaron Sorkin
Remember the anxiety curve? It keeps going up. So the closer you get to a concrete idea, something you might actually want to develop, the more you feel like puking. The more you sit in your own pit of self-doubt and self-loathing and cry. The more the shards of glass shoot through your flesh over and over again.

And you could put pen to paper, but that only makes it worse. Because the anxiety only goes up. And sure, I could hold my hand on the stove until the pain stops, but that takes a LOT of effort.

I’m not posting to be dramatic. I’m posting because I said this was going to be a transparent design process. And part of the process is, for me, the days the black dog hunts and his hunger has no end.



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