Ennies Countdown

I won’t list all the nominees, you can find them here.  Fantastic to see Happy Birthday Robot there, an RPG for little kids that is rather a thing for kids that is also a kind of RPG. It might not win an Ennie but it should win the Scholastic Book Prize or something. As always, Green Ronin dominates the field. Do they ever get tired of being awesome? I doubt it. Lots of noms for Cubicle 7 and Evil Hat but when you’re publishing about fifty games each, that’s no surprise! Which is not to knock it, just a note on how the industry has changed recently.

Lots more noms for Dresden, just like for the Diana Jones. Rechecked it out, it IS damn well written, particularly the Players Guide (the setting I think is pretty uninteresting, so that book suffers, but it also got a best Supplement nom) and its ideas for collaborative city construction are well fleshed out – but they’re all just words, not rules the way they are in Smallville. Again, no Smallville on the list anywhere. Nor Leverage. It’s like a goddamned conspiracy.

Nothing of mine this year. But I hardly worked on anything last year. Because I’m just too damn poor. Maybe I can get a nomination for Best Blog someday.

I hope  Fiasco wins the DJ. I hope Smallville somehow wins a write in for the ENies. Whatever happens though, it’s up to you: don’t forget to vote!


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