Monster of Toowong Cemetery

I work as a tour guide in a cemetery, a cemetery known for many strange hauntings and as a home to many homeless people. As often happens, tonight we met one such person who was telling us that all our stuff was crap because he’d seen the real things that live in the place (not uncommon, a lot of our stories come from or involve homeless people). He described something new though, to wit:

At least nine foot tall, maybe nine six nine seven….a wing-span of about twelve feet (six foot a side) …all covered in long thick hair, no face or anything, but protruding fangs, curved almost into a circle … its feet are six feet long, as long as a grave, and it stands on grave stones and watches for prey … it needs doorways to enter this world, like tunnels into the ground or cracked grave stones …. it can turn into a crow or a dog or indeed look like any normal human … it eats birds and stray dogs and cats but hungers for human blood … when it takes to flight it tips backwards on those long feet, as if falling, its wings flapping it upwards at the last moment … it will not eat humans who are sick because their blood tastes foul

Our witness has “blood cancer” so has been able to safely watch the beast many a night. A friend of his has video of the beast on his mobile phone but went mad from filming it and is now in a local asylum.

From his lips to your games; I leave it up to you to stat it.


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