A Blog That Knows It Shit, plus prizes

It’s probably been years since I last read Tommy Bromwell’s blog, if not decades, but I stumbled onto it as it the way of the net, just in time to discover that his Top Six RPGs from 2010 make an awesome list that speaks of a man who a) knows his shit, b) can review damn well, c) likes the same things I do (including stuff I wrote)  and d) is raising the profile of some seriously awesome stuff.

PLUS! there is a competition to WIN THE AWESOME THINGS ON HIS LIST. Get over there and suck seed before the thing closes on the 15th.



3 thoughts on “A Blog That Knows It Shit, plus prizes

  1. Thanks, Steve…glad you found my blog again as we celebrate our 25th anniversary!

    Though, I must mention that it’s Brownell…Tommy Bromwell is my non-union stunt double from southern Florida.

    • Yeah, sorry about that, noticed after I posted. And that I meant “knows it’s shit” not “knows it shit” which might sound insulting! :0

      Anyway, sorry again and keep up the awesome work!

  2. Sir, we here at The Most Unread Blog on the Internet. Ever. have no ego, we assume that we’re shit at all times, and are pleasantly surprised when we’re not…;)

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