For Tom

You might not know him, but there’s a man called Tom Vasel who is one of the most prolific board game reviewers in the world. He used to do it in print, now he makes Youtube videos, but in either medium his reviews were great: informative, balanced, detailed, probing, useful and infused with a sense of fun and love for games. He seemed like a great guy and I felt honoured when I found out he and I were on the same judging committee for the Origins Awards. But Tom’s life is not without struggle and sadness, and he just lost the terrible battle to save his little son’s life.

People are trying to raise some money to send to Tom and his family to help off-set the large medical bills they incurred in the short time that Jack was with us. There is currently an auction going on at the BoardGameGeek website..and the community is pitching in by both donating game items and bidding generously on them.

If you’ve got a game or some cash spare, this is a damn fine cause for a damn fine man, who gave so much of his time and energy to others.



A Blog That Knows It Shit, plus prizes

It’s probably been years since I last read Tommy Bromwell’s blog, if not decades, but I stumbled onto it as it the way of the net, just in time to discover that his Top Six RPGs from 2010 make an awesome list that speaks of a man who a) knows his shit, b) can review damn well, c) likes the same things I do (including stuff I wrote)  and d) is raising the profile of some seriously awesome stuff.

PLUS! there is a competition to WIN THE AWESOME THINGS ON HIS LIST. Get over there and suck seed before the thing closes on the 15th.