The Stevies, 2010

I’ll be travelling on New Years so it’s time once again for the Stevies, those annual awards for the things that impressed me the most in the last twelve months. As always the rules are it’s what I see or do each year,

Best Film goes to Scott Pilgrim vs the World. It really should be Adele Blanc Sec but the damn thing hasn’t been released outside France yet goddammit. But Pilgrim was joyous and perfect, like all Edgar Wright’s work, and a glorious adaption, keeping all the good things of the book and removing all the bad things. Runner up is Sky High which I finally saw and just blew me away, a really beautifully crafted film. Why can’t Sonnenfeld make every superhero film? The ones Bryan Singer doesn’t, that is.

Best TV show goes to Leverage for understanding style in such a glorious old-school way. Television hasn’t been that fun for nigh on twenty years.

Best computer game goes to City of Heroes. I recently discovered two things as I started exploring the world of other MMORPGs in comparison. Firstly, that CoH is so much better than every other one on the market and secondly, that it actually predates WoW, meaning it got everything right first cab off the ranks. And it’s just added a whole new basket of awesome content in Going Rogue, allowing even more flexibility with your character choices.  In a industry where I generally despise 99.999% of everything, something even vaguely fun is remarkable. Something this well designed and well executed, attuned so perfectly to what people want and actually DO is a true wonder of the age.

Best RPG – Smallville. It’s just so damn NEAT. So clever, so elegant, so zeitgeisty and its presented so damn well. I feel happy just examining the layout. And I’m hard to please when it comes to layout.

Best Board Game – in a year with a lot of exciting releases I was blown away with how great Death Angel turned out to be. It’s SO much fun and it’s half the price of most other games out there. Much like Scott Pilgrim, it takes all the awesome parts of Space Hulk and enhances them and removes all the bad parts. Also like Scott Pilgrim, it makes me glad to be alive.

Best science: first cure for HIV! Yes, you have to get leukemia first but it’s a START. Starts are important.

And that’s all I have!