Haedra Part One: The Gap Into History

I don’t know where the name Haedra came from. It popped into my head and it didn’t sound taken. The Aedra are apparently some magical race in the Oblivion universe but hopefully they lack lawyers. I may change it later.

I’ve been throwing down ideas for a while. Basically, I want to make something a lot like Warhammer in the sense that it would be a world where I can play around with history, and a world with an inherent style to it. There is a Warhammer lens you can apply, a Warhammer example of everythng that exists. I’d like to work towards that. Now, once upon a time I updated Warhammer into Warhammer 4,000, because I wanted to see what happened to the world when it went from the early days of humanism to the depths of liberalism and radicalism. I’ve recently relocated my files for 4K I may post them up again soon. Of course, I could never do anything with that setting without getting sued into oblivion (as opposed to being sued by oblivion).

So the idea was to do a setting firmly entrenched in the Enlightenment, a period generally forgotten by RPGs. It’s almost weird. Warhammer stops around 1648 or so (the end of the Thirty Years War). Witch-Hunter is a Restoration game set in England in 1670. Although including a lot of early Enlightenment ideas like science conspiracies and exploration, 7th Sea is also explicitly set in 1668. Then we jump forward to the Jane Austen RPG (1811) and In Harm’s Way: Dragons (Napoleonic War, so no earlier than 1792) and Northern Crown (revolutionary America so 1776 onwards). GURPS Goblins is vaguely Georgian rather than Victorian (although I think it is more Dickensian, really) but it’s still 19th century. There was Green Ronin’s excellent pirate resource book whose name eludes me right now, but there’s nothing of Europe in the period. Nearly an entire century gone.

And what better period could there be for examining our modern age? A sudden rise in science leading to a spike in atheism, deism and a general disregard of the church that had nothing to do with the Reformation? A sense of nationalism and even internationalism uniting all mankind! Continental Congresses uniting whole governments together about the right way to do things…the world of Voltaire, Walpole and Mozart. And Capability Brown.

To put it another way: it’s about damn time the Victorians stopped getting all the press. Haedra will be an Enlightenment world. With horse – people.


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