I think I shall create a setting

And not for any particular reason. Not for an RPG or a wargame or any other kind of game, nor for a novel or story, though there may one day be any of these things, or all, or none. And not because I feel I should, although it does seem required for a gentleman of the geeky arts these days to have a few of these in his archives. But simply for the whismy and the intellectual and creative exercise, and perhaps the discipline and skills and general enlightenment I may acquire from doing it.

Not that this isn’t something I’ve done before. You can read a bunch of my setting notes in my RPGNet column. Indeed a lot of them started off as drafts for something bigger, or something that has been put on the back-burner until I find a suitable use for them. The world of the Forest Infnite, for example, was to be a D&D setting but then I didn’t feel sufficiently motivated to hew it to the needs of D&D, and until it finds a purpose, it remains incomplete, but quite rich, in my head. There are a great many such ideas; so many in fact I started that column to get them out of there and hope somebody might find them useful. Alas, barring a few exceptions, settings alone are rarely interesting to anyone but their creator, it seems. But there is something in many of us that loves to know more of the fictional worlds, there ins and outs and intricacies, the nature of the lens it applies to things we know and recognise from our world, the intimacies of history, the perculiarities of geography…and so I shall pursue such things, and see where the sailing takes me upon this new ocean.

Many good settings have a purpose; but a few of the greats began with nothing but whimsy, so we should be okay.  And I do have a conception. It shall be a grand work, a great work, of far horizons, epic scale and deep resonances. It shall be fun, it shall be witty, it shall be intelligent, it may even be wise and beautiful. it shall be many things at once. It shall contain multitudes and may not be self-consistent or even coherent.

Like Warhammer, my true heart, my sanctum sanctorum, it shall be strong with history, strong with culture, and strong with theme; it shall be rich with detail, riddled with satire and drenched in style. It shall be what it is, and no other, and markedly so. It shall shine like a diamond, roar like a cannon and cut forth like hammered steel. It shall be full of things I like and am interested in, and it shall contain, as much and as often as possible, the awesome, the cool and the wicked glee of the mad gods.

Or at least, we can hope.

I may post it about here, and people may read about it. Or at least, I can hope.




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