I want to be Kevin Wilson so badly

I’m agog at his game design skills. I’ve been reading his diaries on designing the new FFG Sid Meier Civ board game on the FFG site and now there’s also a super flash video showing this thing off.  And meanwhile FFG are hiring a new Game Designer. Of course you have to live in the states (arrgh!) but the real problem is I just don’t know how these bastards do it. At all. Nor do I know how they LEARN to do it. What I’d love to do is intern for Wilson for a year, or something. I don’t know to do it but I really want to learn.

Speaking of board games, it was  the Essen Spieltage over the weekend.  I wish I was there…why was I born in this god-forsaken land on the other side of the globe, dammit?


Connecting the dots

Somebody asked me if I thought Justin Bieber’s rise to fame was part of a conspiracy of the Illuminati. They probably shouldn’t have because I responded with this…you may find it inspiring:

First of all, The song goes “baby baby baby” – a trinity of babies? Of course it’s a reference to the christ child.  Second,if you take the first letters of Justin Beiber’s name you get 10 and 2. 10 plus 2 is twelve, the number of apostles. Justin Beiber is an anagram of Bribe Injuste, which is french for Injust Payment, no doubt a reference to the 30 pieces of silver paid to Judas. If you include his middle name, Drew you get 1042, the year (French) Pope Urban II was born, the man who instigated the first crusade AND the year that Michael V died, returning Byzantine to the Christians AND the year the now-Christian Byzantine empire won their war against the Arabs, laying the foundation for the crusades. This isn’t the illuminati, this is your standard templar conspiracy to reclaim the holy land.

And Justin Drew Bieber is an anagram of Jew Tribes Ruin Bed – which bed? the sacred bed of course, the manger but also the fertile crescent (oh the unending symbology of wombs) of the holy land which the christians have long needed to dominate because it is the cradle (see?) of civilisation, of mankind – the home, clearly, of the Grail itself.

The grail is of course the centre of Parsifal, Wagner’s templar opera. Wagner of course was the hero of the Nazis, who had a fan in Walt Disney – and Disney owns Bieber. You can see Disney’s teutonic agenda in his obsession with ancient Germanic fairytales – the Wagnerian dwarfs of Snow White, the dragon-guarded virgin (aka the hidden grail) of Sleeping Beauty. Then there’s Pinocchio, the story of a small wooden boy crafted by a wise old man.

Obviously modern Disney is proceeding with his agenda (which is why he’s on ice – to come back when it’s finished, which is also why Disney’s descendants so desperately needed to get rid of Michael Eisner (a jew – and note the parallel of a falling Michael, just like in Byzantium). Bieber is the final step in their plan which has been operating for a long time, squaring the circle of the globe and controlling the young.  Note the locations of Disney theme parks: sunny Los Angeles, city of angels, sunny Floirda, home of El Dorado, Paris the ancient templar stronghold (and home of the Sun King) and Tokyo, land of the rising sun/son.  And then look at their shows: Clarissa Explains it All. Clarissa is Italian for fame – fame is the truth. That’s So Raven – Raven brought the sun to the Inuit peoples, another sun god. Hannah Montana: the blessed mountain. The shining pyramid. Oh wait that’s the illuminati. But that’s the point – it all bleeds together.

Bieber’s new album is called My World 2.0. The new world order, created under its new king.